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   ABOUT US      

Firm was  incorporated  in April 1971  as  a  sole  proprietorship in     
Sri.Lanka by "KALABOOSHANAM"  Mr.A.G.Sarma (Founder).

It is in the category of Audit organization.  Its  clientele  consists  of  Manufacturing,  Processing,  Banking  &  Finance  & Insurance,  Travel,  Agriculture,  Service  Sector,  Hotels,  and  Local  &  International  Trade  & Others.
Firm provide complete range of services to clients such services as statutory Audit of an organization, Taxation works both Corporate Tax and Personal Tax, Feasibility Study, System Study, Risk evaluation Management, Assurance work, etc...

At present it has more than 60 staff  in  the  category  of Managers,  Supervisors,  Senior  Subordinates  and  Junior  Subordinates
. Currently  Firm  has  two  branches  one  in Messenger  Street Colombo.12  and the other one is in  Jaffna with  its principal  office  situated  at  14,  Sagara Road, Bambalapitiya, Colombo  04.  The  said  branches  and  the  head  office have given  immense consideration  in  the selection of  the  location as  they are situated  in the prime destination of the business in the island.

Firm was incorporated as a sole proprietorship in Sir Lanka is directed to attract new niche market and it is in dynamic development. It is in the category of Audit organization.

Its clientele consists of Manufacturing, Processing, Banking, Finance &  Insurance, Travel, Agriculture, Service Sector, Hotels and Local & International Trade & others.  Firm provide complete range of services to clients such services as statutory Audit of an organization, Taxation works both Corporate Tax and Personal Tax, Feasibility Study, System Study, Risk evaluation Management , Assurance work, etc…

Currently Firm has branch in Jaffna to carry out the quality services to improve the business and ensure the Statutory Compliance from time to time. Firm received very good response from clients and they are well  satisfied with the present service.

Firm is able to make use of the latest audit techniques and methodology to provide high quality audit service in an efficient and effective manner.  This has given high degree of competitive advantage and able to obtained exceptional client satisfaction. 


Firm is involved in Company Incorporation work and acts as Company Secretary and performs following Secretarial Services. 

Maintaining Minute Book
Ensure Statutory Compliance
Filing Annual Return
Representing Company
Preparation of MOU
Preparation of Article
Preparation of Agreement
Statutory Advise
Share issue work

AGS Management Consultants
successfully incorporated different types of such Company as

Proprietorship Concern
Private Limited Liability Company
Public Company
Off Shore Company
Subsidiary Company
Branch Office
Overseas Company
Group of Company


Firm is involved in TAX CONSULTATION including

  Tax Planning
  Tax Calculation
  Tax Computation
  Filing Returns
  Handling Tax Cases
  Appeal Work
  Tax settlement

     Corporate Tax
     Personal Tax
     PAYE Tax
     Others Tax issues. 

Firm has successfully provided high quality Tax advises and obtained greater client satisfaction and appreciation. Firm has very efficiently handled the tax issues in complex scenarios and settled in an accepted manner.

Firm has shown High Tax Compliance for its Client in all types of taxes. We are able to educate the client and achieved to meet the Tax deadlines. Our past record showed that almost all the client paid their respective tax on time and certain circumstances we were able to obtain 10% discount for personal Income Tax.   At present firm is concentrating in forward Tax Planning, efficient Implementation and achieving tax benefits to clients.

Company is involved in MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION including

NewBusiness Development
Project Liaison
Feasibility Reports
Economic Evaluations
Financial Advisory
Investment advisory
Treasury Management
Portfolio Management
Business Implementation
Strategy Development
Policy Design
Business Model designing
Project Coordinator

Company has earned very good reputation for developing Corporate Strategy for several infrastructure projects in the country.  Based on the client feedback implemented projects are well positioned towards the achievement of long term goals of the respective projects. Our Business design has delivered greater utilization of available resources in an efficient and effective manner. Firm has performed well as project coordinator and certain instances even in the mediator.

Quality and Care
Training Constantly to better ourselves
Being aware.of. Global happenings
   Team Work
Self Motivation
High Productivity and Efficiency
Open to New Ideas
Better Environment to improve Traits 
Creating a Learning Culture
Collective Commitment
   Customer Service
Ever ready to accommodate our clients and requirements. 
Wide range of services towards clients.
Assuring the best service at all times.
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